Katie Sonnex  MOst, BA (Hons)

As a graduate of the British School of Osteopathy (BSO), I have gained experience in a wide range of fields, studying at the 

largest teaching clinic in the country. Benefiting from the leading research carried out at the BSO and under the guidance of 

some of the countries most widely regarded osteopaths.

I have built up a varied knowledge base having worked within numerous clinical settings, including working with children, 

expectant mothers, elderly patients and those living with HIV.  

My aim is to tailor each treatment plan to the specific needs of each individual patient. Through working with patients I endeavor 

to provide the best treatment options for them. I primarily treat people using a structural approach, focusing on the symptoms 

presented while addressing the root cause of the problem in a bid to prevent it from recurring.  I also incorporate cranial 

techniques where appropriate. 

Arabella Gaunt  MOst, BSc (Hons)

I obtained a BSc (Hons) in Exercise and Sport Sciences at the University of Exeter, and a M.Ost from the 

British School of Osteopathy.

With my background in Sport and Exercise Sciences and as a keen sports woman myself, I have extensive knowledge and a 

particular interest in the treatment of sports performers. Additionally my osteopathic research project explored how sports 

performers experience injury and the implications this has for the osteopathic practitioner.

Additionally I have worked extensively in a number of childcare roles to support my studies and having enjoyed working with 

young people, this has also led to a keen interest in the treatment of children, mothers and babies. I am currently embarking on 

a postgraduate course in pediatric osteopathy at the Osteopathic Center for Children (OCC).


         We are both fully registered members of the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC), which is the official 

         organisation which accredits practitioners for competence and safety, as well as members of the British Osteopathic 

         Association (BOA).